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Robotech: Attack on the SDF-1 (Pre Ordine)


89,90 €

89,90 €


Info Aggiuntive

Data di uscita:10/11/2018
Produttore:Produttore Sconosciuto
Tipologia:Giochi in Scatola


Durata: 120 - 160 min
Giocatori: 1 - 5
Età: 14+
Lingua: Inglese

Robotech: Attack On The SDF-1 is cooperative board game for 1-5 players who each take on the role of a heroic character from the venerable Super Dimension Fortress One, also known as the SDF-1. It is the player’s duty to defend the SDF-1 against continuous waves of Zentraedi attacks, unexpected disasters and treachery. As heroes, players will be forced to battle vicious enemies, repair damage, and manage resources. Tough decisions and sacrifices will be required for players complete their objectives and reach home safely. Attack on the SDF-1 is a great addition to game night, or to play solo!


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